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Australian indie singer/songwriter Drew Wilson is like that fine red wine that you put down to cellar in 2013…..All the hallmarks of a great drop, but, with the right persistence, restraint and dedication would become something with true quality and depth.

In 2010, Drew started off with his debut EP “Far Away” and within 3 years had 4 releases under his belt. Each was a point in time reflection of his life and love and he enjoyed some commercial success with singles “Far Away”, “Sunshine” and “I’ve Got you” gaining national airplay.

Unfortunately by late 2013, Drew had hit a creative roadblock and he made a decision to put down the guitar, concentrate on living and “cellar his songwriting” for a better day.

Fast forward 9 years and Drew is about to collect, uncork and open up his defining release “Happy Mess” (October 28, 2022) with the catchy and long awaited first single “On and on” and the follow up "Break from Everything (19 Aug).

Good things do come to those who wait…

Drew Wilson

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